Twitter Launches New System For Mobile Applications

Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called "tweets". Registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Users access Twitter through the website interface, SMS, or mobile device app. Twitter Inc. is based in San Francisco and has more than 25 offices around the world.

Are you a user of Twitter? So the good news for you ! The Social Media Giant has launched a new system so that If your phone number is connected to it mobile app, then users can log on. One of the Twitter developers conference in San Francisco during the war declared on password.

Twitter Launches New System For Its Mobile App :

Twitter has launched a new system through a mobile phone number which the user application provides facility to login. The Popular Social Network, Jeff Siebert, director of mobile platforms today Free Tools 'Digit' launched simultaneously in 216 countries. This tool will work in 28 languages​​. 

Siebert said the system, the system e-mail address and password combination (sum), which is much better than the user is easily forgotten. One Time by typing their mobile number on Digit user receives confirmation number. 

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Developers participating in the Chicago Conference Derek Horn, a young technical expert on Twitter welcomed the new system.

Cheap Halloween Costumes Ideas For Kids & Grown-Ups [*Both*]

Cheap Halloween Costumes Ideas For Kids & Adult : Halloween costumes don't have to be expensive, uncreative, locally acquired hulks. Here On WikiBookia We Are Sharing Or You Can Listing Some Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas. You can discover common Halloween costume ideas for children (and folks) of all ages - and set up them together at home ! These inexpensive costume ideas are snappy and simple to make. You Can Also Check Our Article On Halloween Party Ideas , What Is Halloween And Happy Halloween Images.

Halloween Costumes Ideas

Cheap Halloween Costumes Ideas :

1. CIA Agent Halloween Costume

Time: 15 minutes
Effort: Quick and easy — no sewing required
  • Black or dark-colored pants
  • Jacket
  • Blouse or shirt
  • Leather shoes or boots
  • Sunglasses
  • Fake gun
  • Cell phone
  • Wallet
  • FBI or CIA badge for wallet
  • Gum
Instructions: Have your child dress in the clothing. Add gun, sunglasses, wallet, and cell phone. Tell your child to chew the gum and look mysterious.

2. Clothesline Halloween Costume (for a Group)

Time: 15 minutes
Effort: Quick and easy — no sewing required
  • Clothesline
  • Clothespins
  • Items of clothing
  • Safety pins
Instructions: This is a group costume. Kids can dress as they want to, but it's more fun if they're wearing long johns or pajamas. Starting with the first child, attach the cord to one shoulder with a safety pin and to the other shoulder with another safety pin.
Use a clothespin to attach a piece of underwear (or some other item of clothing) to the cord, about one foot from the first person's shoulder. Continue attaching the cord to the other members of the clothesline with safety pins, and hanging clothes on the line with clothespins between the kids.
This works great at a party — where the clothesline can stay together!

3. E-mail Costume ( for Boys Only )

Time: 15 minutes
Effort: Quick and easy – no sewing required
  • Any color shirt and pants
  • Fabric or sturdy paper
  • Fabric glue or safety pins
  • Scissors
Instructions: Cut two E shapes out of the paper or fabric. Glue them to the front and back of your child's shirt.
He's now an "E-male"!

4. Low Cost Grandma Halloween Costume

Time: 10-15 minutes
Effort: Quick and easy – no sewing required
  • Housecoat (a dress that looks old)
  • Knee highs
  • A pair of slippers
  • Rollers
  • Glasses
  • Bright lipstick
  • Big purse
  • Fake teeth (optional)
Instructions: Dress your child in the items listed above. Roll the knee-highs down to her ankles. Put the rollers in her hair in a slapdash kind of way. Apply lipstick and have her put on the glasses.
She can use the big purse to collect candy.

5. Jack-o'-Lantern Costume

Time: 20 minutes
Effort: Easy - no sewing required
  • Jack-o'-Lantern leaf sack (correct size for your trick-or-treater)
  • Newspaper
  • Ribbon or string
  • Green or black sweatsuit
Instructions: Cut leg holes in the BOTTOM of the sack. Pull the sack up and cut armholes. Stuff with paper and tie (loosely!) around the neck or tape around top of sweatshirt.

So, Here We Shared Some Common And Cheap Halloween Costumes Ideas For Kids And Adults. I Hope You Will Like These Ideas And Will Go For One Of The Halloween Costumes Ideas Listed Above.

Have Any Halloween Costumes Ideas In Your Mind ? Let Us Know In Comments Section Below And Don't Forget To Give Your Valuable Feedback And Suggestions.

5 Best & Useful Free Apps For Android Phones

5 Best & Useful Free Apps For Android Phones : Mobile apps have radically changed our association with free software. As a general rule, the best mobile apps don't cost you a penny (however you may pay for them in different ways). At the same time there are likewise bounty insane free apps out there. Our convenient rundown can help you explore Google Play to verify you're getting the great stuff. We've secured everything from planning, to note-taking, to music, and security, and then some. In case you're beginning up another Android gadget shockingly, or you're on a tight plan, these apps will get you up and running. Also Check Our Article On : Easy And Safest Way To Install Windows 10 Preview

Useful Free Apps For Android Phones

5 Best & Useful Free Apps For Android Phones :

Let’s Meet the best Free Android Apps, must have on every Android smartphones or Tablets. Here, Numbers simply used for sorting purpose. All the apps listed here are the best free apps :
Note:  Android Apps list will be Updated Regularly with New Apps

1. Google Drive

With Google Drive, you can store all your files in one place, so you can access them from anywhere and share them with others. Android users can create and edit Google documents with support for tables, comments and rich text formatting. Also, it offers you to create and edit Google spreadsheets with support for text formatting, multiple sheets and sorting.

Google Drive
Download this App from Google PlayQR code for    : Free
Rating :  4.4
Size      : Varies 

2. CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

If you want to scan any documents and send as Digital Attachment, Download the CamScanner. This is the best Document scanning and Sharing Android App in the Play Store. Use Your Phone camera to scan any Paper Documents like receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc. It offers the multiple fine tuning options such as cropping, graphics and auto enhancing to get the best Scanned Document

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator
Download this App from Google PlayQR code for    : Free
Rating :  4.4
Size      : 11MB 


3.  My Tracks

My Tracks is an Open source project, actively developed by Google. Use this app to fine tune your body and monitor your daily activity. It records your path, speed, distance, and elevation while you walk, run, bike, or do anything else outdoors. It uses your GPS to record the path and velocity stats. Also, this app has the Zephyr HxM Bluetooth heart rate monitor,Polar WearLink Bluetooth heart rate monitor, ANT+ heart rate and speed distance monitors.
You can share your tracks in Google Drive.

MY Tracks
Download this App from Google PlayQR code for    : Free
Rating :  4.3
Size      : varies 

4. Personal Finance

Personal finance is the most popular and best free Finance Android app for managing your personal finance. This Android Finance manager app pulls all your personal finance accounts into one place, so you can manage your money from anywhere. Track your spending, create a budget, and save more. This app has best pass code protection ever to secure your details. If your smartphone is lost ever lost or stolen, simply log-on to your account and deactivate device access from your profile page with one easy click.

Mint Personal Finance
Download this App from Google PlayQR code for    : Free
Rating :  4.4
Size      : varies 


5. Expense Manager

Android Expense Manager is the one of the best app to manage your incomes and expenses.App is Installed by more than one million Android users. Use this track your financial statistics by week, Month and year. It supports multiple currencies. You can also take the picture of the Receipt. It gives the Payment Alerts once you entered those details. You can create multiple accounts to track your income and expenses easily. It also has the Calculators like currency converter, tip calculator, sales and tax calculator and credit card calculator.

Expense Manager
Download this App from Google PlayQR code for    : Free
Rating :  4.3
Size      : Varies 
 Source : SpicyTricks

Happy Halloween Party Ideas & Games For Kids

Here We Are With  the best collection of Halloween party Ideas & Games For Kids Which You Can Play on or off the net. These party games are already tried By Kids. I Hope This Will Be Great And Engage More People To This Game...More People ! More Fun ! You Can Also Check Our Collection Of Happy Halloween Images.
In terms of parties, there are none more fun than a Halloween party. Halloween parties are fiercely prevalent with little kids, enormous kids, and grown-ups. Why are they so well known? Just in light of the fact that they are only for fun. It gives you a chance to "cut detached" and act a bit insane. Put on a cover, and 'ya simply don't comprehend what an individual will do. Thus, Halloween parties have a tendency to be significantly more critical.

Happy Halloween Party Ideas For Kids :

Happy Halloween Party Ideas For Kids
Happy Halloween Party Ideas For Kids

Halloween Party Ideas & Games For Kids :

For prizes, we recommend penny confection, so you can give out bunches of prizes. For the minimal ones, verify each child wins a couple of pieces. At youthful ages, the article is to have a great time, not contend with each other. Teenagers like focused party games. You can utilize Halloween party games for different occasions, as well. They make incredible birthday party games, as well. Some may need to be adjusted. For instance, the pumpkin in Pumpkin Bocce can be supplanted with oranges or grapefruit.

The "Name Game" :

This is a warm-up, get to know you game for kids through adults.
All you need is:
  • 3x 5 cards
  • Marking Pen(medium or wide point)
  • Safety Pins
  • Before the party, print neatly the name of a person or character associated with Halloween onto a 3x5 card.
  • Use a different name on each card.
  • Make up enough cards for more than each person invited to the party, especially for kids. This can be such a fun game, that party participants often want to play it more than once.
  • Upon arriving, use a safety pin to put one card on each guests' back. Do not tell them who is on the card.

Game Objective: To guess who "you" are, the name on your back.

  • You can ask only one question of a guest, before moving to another guest to ask a question.
  • Only "Yes" and "No" answers can be given.
  • Laughing, facial expressions, etc are certainly allowed.
  • Look for questions which will quickly narrow the quest such as:
    • Am I a male(or female)?
    • Am I a real person(versus fictional character)?
  • If a guest guesses too quickly, give them another name tag.

Ghost - Centration :

Object of Game: To guess pairs of hidden objects. Like the "Concentration " game.

  1. Take twelve post-it notes.
  2. Using a crayon or marker, number each post -it note from one to twelve on the front, non-sticky side.
  3. On the other side, put on two cards each the words: Ghost, Pumpkin, Witches, Goblins, Treats and scarecrows. Make sure each pair not in numerical order. 
  4. You can make up any pairs of names you want.
  5. Put the post-its on a wall in two or three rows in numerical order.
Playing the Game:
  1. Each player takes a turn asking for two numbers to be turned over.
  2. If there is a match, the player wins a piece of candy.
  3. The play goes on to the next player whether or not a match is made.
Tip: For older "kids", use more than twelve post-it notes.

Source : PN

<*HNY*> Happy New Year Movie Box Office Collections (Report)

Happy New Year First Day Total Box Office Collection is the tremendous Opening Collection of any Bollywood Movie, Shahrukh Khan Happy New Year Movie is a standout amongst the Most Hot Topic among the People from its Trailer Releasing day. HNY Movie Trailer has Received Millions of Like on its First day on Social Networking Sites. Happy New Year is Directed by Farah Khan and Produced by Gauri Khan Under the Banner of Red Chillies Entertainment. 

Happy New Year Movie Box Office Collections :

Happy New Year Movie Box Office Collections
Happy New Year Movie Box Office Collections

Happy New Year Movie has Casting Many Magnificent Actor of Bollywood like Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone,  Abhishek Bachchan, Jackie Shroff, Boman Irani and Sonu Sood. Beneath we have Provided Separate Heading for Happy New Year Box Office Success Report, First Day Total Worldwide Collection,  with the goal that you won't get confounded.

Shahrukh Khan Staring Happy New Year has got extraordinary Opening on the First Day on Box Office, HNY Movie has Earn 202 Crore INR, before its Releasing by Selling its Music Rights, dispersion rights, satellite rights. On the Opening Day Collection HNY Movie has Earn 40.6 Crore and on Second Day Movie has Earn Around 40 Crore. All out Collection done by Happy New Year is Around 282.6 Crore.

Happy New Year First Day Box Office Collections :

On the First day Happy New Year Movie has got 90% opening throughout the day which was amazing and a record for a Hindi movie. Below we are Providing the Opening Percentage of the Major Multiplex across the Country.

  • Fun Cinema  : 90%                                                                                                               
  • Big Cinemas : 95%                                                                                                               
  • PVR cinemas : 90%                                                                                                           
  • INOX : 95%                                                                                                                       
  • Cinepolis : 95%                                                                                                               
  • CineMAX :  90%

Happy New Year has Released in More than 4500 Screen Over 50 Countries in Three Different Language. HNY Movie has Received Fabulous Response from the Countries like USA, UK, Pakistan, UAE, and Australia. Because of immense Fan after of Shahrukh Khan over entire world Happy New Year Movie got gigantic Response From worldwide Box Office Collections and HNY Movie will figure out how to Collect enormous Amount.

Buy Nokia Lumia 530 (Dual Sim) Online - Review & Price

Buy Nokia Lumia 530 (Dual Sim) Online - Review , Specifications &  Price : Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM smartphone with 4.00-inch 480x854 display controlled by 1.2ghz processor close by 512mb RAM and 5-megapixel rear camera. The Nokia Lumia 530 is, obviously, the successor to the amazingly famous Lumia 520, which provided for us a strong, useful smartphone at an eye catching cost. 

Nokia Lumia 530 (Dual Sim) Review

Nokia Lumia 530 (Dual Sim) Review :

Truth be told the Lumia 520 (Lumia 521 in the US) was Nokia's top of the line Windows Phone ever. The Lumia 530 then, has its work genuinely removed. Nokia is staying with a winning equation, with the Lumia 530 inheriting numerous parts of what made its forerunner extraordinary. The splendidly colored plastic shell feels solid in the hand, and the dinky size of this gadget means its effortlessly pocketable. 

The screen stays at only 4 inches on the Lumia 530, which may be little in the realm of Android, however that is the same size as the extensively more costly iphone 5s.  Determination has been given an exceptionally slight help, up from 480 x 800 on the 520 to 480 x 854 on the Lumia 530 - providing for it a pixel thickness of 245ppi. Outwardly there's very little of a change to note, yet the Lumia 530 is simply a shade more keen in ranges.

Colours appeared rather washed out on the Lumia 530's display, and coming from Samsung's Super AMOLED display on the Galaxy S5 Mini the basic LCD technology was even more noticeable here.

Nokia Lumia 530 Specifications & Features :

With a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor and 512MB of RAM it isn't packing the most power in its class, but the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system historically hasn't been as resource-hungry as its Android rival - so you shouldn't worry too much about this spec. The tiled based interface still ran smoothly on the Lumia 530, allowing me to glide through the homescreen and app list with ease.
Nokia Lumia 530 (Dual Sim) Specifications
Nokia Lumia 530 (Dual Sim) Specifications

Some apps, such as the camera, did take two to three seconds to load, reinforcing the budget credentials of the 530, but wouldn't say this was an unacceptable wait time considering the price. Windows Phone 8.1 brings with it a drop down notification bar complete with four customisable quick settings, making the Lumia 530 even easier to use and slightly more welcoming for anyone coming from Android or iOS.

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Another feature included in the latest 8.1 update is the ability to add another column of live tiles to your homescreen, although enabling this option on the Lumia 530 can end up making things look a little cramped.

Nokia Lumia 530 Dual Sim Price :

Another positive feature on the Lumia 530 is the fact that Microsoft (the new owner of Nokia) has done away with the navigation keys below the display, instead moving them on screen for a cleaner, more attractive look. The centralised power key and volume rocker just above it on the right side of the handset are very easy to hit one handed, although the smooth plastic casing offered little in the way of grip.
Source : TechRadar

{*Best*} Happy Halloween Day 2014 Images Pictures Wallpapers

Happy Halloween Day 2014 Images Pictures Wallpapers : Halloween or Hallowe'en otherwise called All halloween , All Hallows Eve, or All Saints' Eve is a yearly festival saw in various nations on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian gala of All Hallows' Day. It starts the triduum of All hallowtide, the time in the ritualistic year committed to recalling the dead, including examples of piety (honors) , saints, and all the devoted withdrew believers. Here We Are Sharimg Some Awesome Happy Halloween Day Pictures , Images , Wallpapers. I Hope You All Will Like These Halloween Images.

Happy Halloween Day 2014 Images Pictures
Happy Halloween Day 2014 Images

Happy Halloween 2014 Images Pictures Wallpapers :

Happy Halloween 2014 Images

Happy Halloween 2014 Pictures

Happy Halloween Images

happy halloween funny images
happy halloween funny images

Happy Halloween Picture

So Here We Shared Happy Halloween 2014 Pictures , Happy Halloween Images , Happy Halloween Best Pictures Wallpapers. I Hope You All We Will Like These Happy Halloween Day Images. And Don't Forget To Share These On Social Media Sites Like Facebook , Twitter , Google + Using Buttons Below.