Best Opportunity for First Time Buyers to Invest - Tata New Haven Ribbon Walk Chennai

The Indian property market is on its way towards revival. Just like it has been with all the other products, the builders now know what kind of housing products do people want and they are trying to provision these demands. After the economic slowdown, it was realized that the property market could not be driven in accordance with the whims of the builders. It was transforming into an end user driven market and the need to offer the consumers what they need would allow the markets to thrive.

Tata New Haven Ribbon Walk Chennai :

Tata New Haven Ribbon Walk Chennai

Tata Housing company has been active in the country since 2006. It has had many successful ventures in the past and it was one of the first property companies to realize that affordable housing is a growing need that could be translated into a profitable venture. To ensure that the company’s attention does not waver from the specialized work, Tata Value Homes was formed in 2010 to focus solely on development of affordable housing with quality amenities. Tata New Haven Chennai is the second product of the company in the city; the other one being the Spanish style accommodations in Project Santorini.

Ribbon Walk :

New Haven Ribbon Walk in Chennai by Tata Value Homes is a contemporary offering. This project has been designed to fulfil the needs of buyers looking for modern affordable housing. It is worth pointing out that now there are two types of home buyers in the city. The first category is of the local residents (primarily) who seek traditional styles of living and hence look for accommodations which offer them features close to the traditional form of housing in Chennai. The second category belongs to expats as well as locals who demand modern housing amenities. This is why Tata Housing Chennai comprises of two projects- Santorini and Tata New Haven Ribbon Walk.

Santorini has been designed to meet the demands of the traditional buyers. New Haven Ribbon Walk on the other hand focuses on modern features and amenities. This latter project marks the Tata New Haven Chennai chapter.

The whole design concept of New Haven Ribbon Walk revolves around the free flow of a ribbon. Hence the signature lies in the form of ribbon like pathways which allow people to meander as they walk around within the premises of the housing society. There are green patches amidst accommodations. There are also numerous other amenities like basket ball D, volleyball court, library, swimming pool, club house, seminar hall, audio visual room etc. All these features enhance the users’ ability to utilize their living space effectively.

Investment Opportunity

The interesting aspect of the Chennai property market is that it is not driven by the population influx. If one were to compare the increase in population of the city over a period of last 10 years, it would be found that there has barely been a rise of 20% in total. If one were to compare the same with other metropolitan regions, the size as well as the population of these regions has swollen to almost double. But not Chennai. The demand has remained robust here and is expected to increase considerably over the years. Hence it presents itself as a potent investment opportunity.

In Conclusion

Chennai is an indigenously driven market which now presents itself as a good investment option where properties are concerned. 


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