Know the Best Collection of Cannon Gun Safes

People who own a firearm knows the importance of keeping it in a secured place. Nothing can be a better option than a quality gun safe that has great features and is designed with leading edge technology. There are many companies that have managed to impress the customers with amazing designs and uses of gun safes. 

Best Collection of Cannon Gun Safes

Cannon Gun Safes

Cannon is one such popular company that is into this field for more than 40 years and has been supplying the efficient models that has received the best reviews so far. Gun safety is important especially when you have children around you. Gun safe is the most important firearm security that is available in different sizes. Take a look at the some magnificent models of gun safe offered by Cannon Company.

Know more about Cannon:
The company is known for manufacturing the traditional yet large gun sages that ranges from $1000 – $4000. The company is well established and dedicated to offer the customers with the best feature safes that assures maximum security. The company’s safe can be connected to the electronic equipment from outside and allows the USB cables and Ethernet to connect power. The safes are designed to meet the standard home safe service and offers 100% no cost repair charges if damage takes place due to fire or burglary.

Different Cannon Gun Safe

If you are confused between Cannon gun safes and looking for the right one suiting your need and budget, then certainly you need to compare the products and then make the decision.
  • Cannon Safe P40HR-H1TEC-13 Patriot Series Safe: It has been ranked among the top 5 by the customers. The product features good gun capacity and is constructed in a proficient manner. It has a gun capacity of 80 and adjustable interior wooden shelves, this safe gives better space to keep things. It has successfully cleared the test to withstand the temperature up to 1200 °F for 2 hours.
  • Cannon Safe CA23 Deluxe Gun Safe: This is another highly recommended safe which offers large storage. The product also features wooden interior, fire resistance technology, and cable connector that you may not usually find in other company’s gun safe.
  • Cannon Safe SS-16-MB-E 16 Gun Security Safe: This gun safe is available at $450 and offers good security too. It has also the basic features and lifetime warranty that you may get in any other Cannon gun safes. What makes this product stand out to be best is the removable shelves feature, 16 fire arm capacity, barrel rests that can be adjusted and interior which is well carpeted. It also has 3 locking deadbolts with good storage capacity.
  • Cannon Scout Series Gun Safe: It is one of the most affordable series offered by Cannon Company which has wide range of features to enjoy. With better protection against fire and descent security, this series has proved to be a rough competition at entry level. It is available in 5 different sizes and has the capacity to hold generous 64 long-guns.
  • Cannon Armor Series Gun Safe: It is another popular series of Cannon gun safes that you have excellent gun capacity. It has a good storage facility in which you can certainly keep the largest collection of firearms. It has a heat resistant technology with minimum of 60 minutes of fire protection.
Looking at the history of Cannon Company there is no doubt that it is certainly a good choice when it comes of gun safes.  Almost every Cannon gun safes come with a better warranty and quick service and repairs. While choosing the right safe for your needs make sure you consider size, pattern, style and technology and if it satisfied you then go ahead with the decision of purchasing it. 


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